Latest releases

Please check out the netfilter website to find the most recent releases. The last releases made from the old sourceforge repository are listed below.

Latest ebtables release

The latest stable userspace release is version 2.0.10-4, released on December 15th, 2011. This release is available as source code.

Latest arptables release

The latest arptables release is version 0.0.4, released on January 10th, 2013. Use this version for kernel versions 2.6.16 and above (this includes any recent kernel).

An older arptables release is version 0.0.3-3. Use version 0.0.3-3 for kernels older than 2.6.16. An incompatibility was introduced in the kernel around kernel 2.6.16, so don't use this version for any recent kernel.

Bridge-netfilter patch for the 2.4 kernel

Kernel patches for the 2.4 kernel series are also maintained here (ebtables and bridge-netfilter are not a part of the 2.4 kernel). These patches combine both ebtables and bridge-netfilter but may include fewer features than in the 2.6 kernel series. It recently came to our attention that this patch is still in use (2010).

The current patch is version 13 against kernel version We advise you to use this version as it contains a minor bugfix (see the release notes on the sourceforge page).

Patching is done by going to the Linux kernel directory ('cd /usr/src/linux-') and executing 'patch -p1 <patch_file' .